Yana Rudkovskaya demonstrates a life of luxury in the Maldives

Яна Рудковская демонстрирует роскошную жизнь на Мальдивах Celebrity boasted a chic apartment, which rest on the Islands. Yana Rudkovskaya flaunting in elegant attire on vacation. Some fans were happy for the star, and the other the life of a producer in a big way provoked envy.

      Famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya went to the Maldives. Celebrity left in awe of the conditions in which she will have to live on the rest. Yana did not hide from fans of his admiration and decided to share the joy with followers on Twitter. She captured on video the luxurious room where he settled.

      “Holy all saints’ dressing room that has a bathtub, a heavy Suite!” signed Rudkovskaya shots that she posted on Twitter.

      Some fans were impressed from the beautiful environment in which the star will spend time on holiday and was glad that Rudkovskaya lives in this corner of Paradise. However, not all subscribers microblog Rudkovskaya can afford such holidays, but because I was glad that I can at least enjoy what you see in the social network account of a celebrity.

      “A good holiday! Ian a hard worker, she deserves a vacation! Umnichka!”, “Everybody has to live like that”, “I’ve never seen the ocean, never went anywhere, in hotels never was. I don’t even know how to log in to register and how to use it. Horror. Well, at least the pictures look”, “Still, for your money any whim! Of course, should not be jealous, but you do!”, “At such moments, I realize that, probably, something not so in life do or somewhere you took a wrong turn. A wonderful stay with you!” – I wrote to the followers of the producer.

      Also Ian indulges his fans with gorgeous pictures of bright dresses. She gladly demonstrates chiseled figure, posing for the camera. Followers once again admired her impeccable taste in choosing clothes. They noted that Rudkovskaya looks perfect at the resort. Many were concerned that Rudkovskaya went on a journey together with his friend. Fans asked Joanna questions why the Islands did not come her husband Evgeny Plushenko and Sasha, whom she affectionately calls Dwarf Gnomic. However Rudkovskaya not only is relaxing in a luxury apartment, but also to spend time usefully. She takes part in a photo shoot, maybe that’s why her family members not to fly with her to the Maldives.