Yana Rudkovskaya commented on the departure of Dima Bilan’s “Voice”

Яна Рудковская прокомментировала уход Димы Билана из «Голоса»

Last week the domestic media spread the news about Dima Bilan’s leaving the talent show “the Voice.” It was reported that this season will be to the contractor’s last as a judge and mentor, and in subsequent seasons it will be replaced by someone else.

Today the producer of the singer Yana Rudkovsky puts all points over I, noting that her ward was warped.

In fact, Bilan voluntarily leave the show was not going to. One of the publications he made a comment that has not yet received an invitation to participate in the new season, because his participation is under question.

“We never talked about what he is trying to leave “the Voice”. He really gave an interview to one of editions, but he did not send the text for approval. The result was the distorted meaning. Dima said only that sometimes our desires do not coincide with the desire of the management of the channel. And at the moment he has not yet received an invitation to participate in “the Voice”, which will be in 2017.

They say until he knows what will happen next year, perhaps this will be the last season. Think that would answer each of the members of the jury. About the children’s “Voice” and about the current season of adult competition did not have a speech. Sets whether Dima in the chair of the mentor in the next season of the adult “Voices” — this question is not even discussed,” — said the press Rudkovskaya.