Yana Rudkovskaya clarified the situation with the departure of Morris from “the Voice”

Яна Рудковская прояснила ситуацию с уходом Билана из «Голоса» The producer denied that her ward had finally decided to leave a popular project. According to Rudkovskaya, Bilan’s participation in the program does not only depend on him. She also noted that the artist had not been accurately quoted.

      The fans of Dima Bilan was shocked by the news that their idol decided to leave the show “the Voice” after this season. About this actor told in an interview to Moscow the Internet-editions. Reporters contacted producer of the singer and asked to comment on this information.

      Bilan statement about leaving “the Voice” shocked viewers

      Yana Rudkovskaya, said that the words of the Bilan is not quite correctly interpreted. The woman noted that her ward, like other judges, while not invited to the shooting of the new season of the program. Therefore Bilan has told reporters that he does not know whether he would participate in it, because it depends not only from him. According to Yana, the same would answer any other mentor. And it’s not just adult Voices, but children’s, said Rudkovskaya. Stirred up all the news that Bilan was thinking about leaving “the Voice”, has arisen due to misunderstandings, said the producer.

      “He only said that sometimes our desires do not coincide with the desire of the management of the channel. And at the moment he has not yet received an invitation to participate in “the Voice”, which will be in 2017. They say until he knows what will happen next year, perhaps this will be the last season. Think that would answer each of the members of the jury,” commented the producer.

      Recall that in an article published in one of the editions of the capital last week, Dima Bilan said that this season of “the Voice” may be his last. The actor also told that the well-studied this project, and he understood all the laws by which it exists. After this interview many fans of Bilan was alarmed: is the singer decided to leave the project after filming the current season? They are actively discussing the news in social networks and expressed regret at the departure of Morris. However, as reported by kp.ru his producer Yana Rudkovskaya, the issue is not even discussed.

      By the way, before “the Voice” left Alexander Gradsky. The news was no less discussed than the news of the possible resignation of Morris. There was a rumor that the city allegedly did not accept the fee, which he was offered, but the student celebrity Alla reed denied this information. According to her former coach too was hoping to win his pupil Mikhail Ozerov, however, this did not happen. Therefore, the city decided not to participate in the filming of the new season. Student city revealed the true cause of his departure from the show “the Voice”