Яна Рудковская призвала экс-жену Батурина к ответу перед законом Producer accuses Yulia Saltovets that have previously guest one of the most popular television, in slander. Rudkovskaya stated that the former girlfriend of businessman Victor Baturin defamed its reputation. Law enforcement officers opened a criminal case against Yulia.

      Яна Рудковская призвала экс-жену Батурина к ответу перед законом

      Some time ago Yana Rudkovskaya has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement on the ex-wife of Viktor Baturin Yulia Saltovets. Producer accuses the biological mother of the eldest son of Andrew of libel. Recently became aware of the fact that the interior Ministry opened a criminal case against Saltovets. Police have launched an investigation against ex-sweetheart Baturina.

      The ex-wife of Viktor Baturin regret the divorce

      Yana Rudkovskaya told reporters about what prompted her to contact the police. As follows from the words of producer, Saltovets completely distorted the reality. According to the celebrity, the woman met with Andrew only once in Sochi. Since then, as reported Rudkovskaya, Julia did not wish to see his son, although Ian asked her a few options.

      “I want to create a precedent that all fans indiscriminately to insult and defame famous people, understood — what is not so easy to get away with. For libel will have to answer to the law of the Russian Federation, where it is a criminal offense. These talk shows and programs looking huge audience that accepts the false information at face value. For me, these things are undermining the reputation that I built for years. This woman says that she was not allowed to meet with the child? It’s a lie. She was offered three options for meeting with him: write him to appeal to father Baturin, and also contact through my assistant”, — said the producer.
      Яна Рудковская призвала экс-жену Батурина к ответу перед законом

      We will remind that in July of this year on air of NTV television channel released the program “mirror for a hero” in which Julia Saltovets told about his relationship with Victor Baturin. According to Saltovets, she filed for divorce and now regrets what happened. “We had a wonderful family. But I was young and hot-headed, and all we young make many mistakes,” said the woman.

      Saltovets also said that Yana Rudkovskaya won’t let her around with Andrew. Julia claimed that the producer took the boy and prevents him from contacting her. In addition, ex-lover Baturina sure that Rudkovskaya not giving the child enough attention.

      “I intend to sue in the European court to get my son back. In fact, my child does not see or stepmother or mother. It ruined everything: my life, and the life of my son,” said Saltovets.

      Reporters tried to contact the ex-wife Baturina, however, the woman refuses to comment, reports Life.ru.