Yana Rudkovskaya brought to a nervous breakdown

Яну Рудковскую довели до нервного срыва
The producer spoke sharply to discuss her sons.

Photo: Instagram

Yana Rudkovskaya did not survive the onslaught of their own followers and burst into an angry tirade against them. The producer and her new ward — the former soloist of group “MBAND” Vladislav Ramm, presented his new album. Rudkovskaya posted in a personal blog a photo op with Vlad and his middle son Nicholas, who is also involved in music.

“Yesterday I read the comments under a photo of my son Nicholas and Vlad and what I concluded! says Yana. — The subscribers, honey, why do you have so much anger and hatred of young guys who do and write music. My son plays soccer and goes to school. Why did you write this garbage are such negative, not knowing the guys? Don’t worry, my children will definitely go into the army, I can assure you that! How do you have so much hatred, anger and envy? And most importantly, why are you writing all this? The boomerang of evil, Oh, so quickly returned! These closed accounts… it is not clear who these “judges” who write shit even my five year old son, a toddler of three hours training on the ice and in two or three hours in the gym every day to us all in the future was not ashamed of men’s single skating at the Olympics and other major tournaments! People come to your senses! This is a disaster, what are you becoming? This is wrong!!! Recently read on the same subject the post Vera Brezhneva, even this angel is you write a negative! For the beautiful pictures of our lives is a Herculean labor, health and nerves, risks, travel and fly, infinite and so on, do not want to list all the problems, but I want to say one thing: the Western public people in a terrible dream can dream that they will be reproached for Breakfast or for a beautiful dress, and offer it to sell and help a sick child! How our family helps charities with proven documents, and not scams, you know, all the normal people who watch our life! Learn to be happy for others, show respect to those to whom you have subscribed! You got sick and didn’t go to work, and the artists and athletes perform with a temperature of 39, and with other health problems, and I have no right to come on the show when I supervise 220 employees in the team and I take full responsibility! As the rights of my eldest son Andrew, he doesn’t want to be public and make social networks. I mean, no one, because he is not ready to read what we read! He didn’t deserve it!!!”

This post is Rudkovskaya in just two hours took one and a half thousand comments (that’s 5-7 times more than usual on her blog). Devoted fans began to reassure Jan that enough fools everywhere, and you just do not pay attention to them.