Yana Rudkovskaya boasted luxurious gifts

Яна Рудковская похвасталась роскошными подарками The producer presented more than a hundred bouquets of flowers. Yana Rudkovskaya showed the living room, cluttered with bags, boxes and packaging from world famous brands. Yana Rudkovskaya thanked friends that had her attention on the occasion of birthday.

      Yana Rudkovskaya, last Friday, staged a posh party on the occasion of his birthday, Sunday morning showed the subscribers of his microblog how many gifts presented to her friends. Pugacheva and Dima sang a duet at the celebration of Yana Rudkovskaya

      Ian shot a video that shows that part of the spacious living room with Evgeni Plushenko house with all sorts of packages, boxes and packages with labels of famous brands. It seems that they are simply countless. Next to all this splendor walking around admiring the heir Rudkovskaya, a four year old son Sasha, and with genuine surprise exclaims: “Wow, so many gifts!”

      “The time has come to disassemble, since childhood, I loved this nice process, thank you friends for such an incredible attention all appreciate and love” – thanked Yana Rudkovskaya guests to your party.

      Separate post deserved flowers. The birthday girl told me that that night she gave 132 bouquet, basically, it’s delicate white tulips and eustoma. Vases with them Yana Rudkovskaya have filled the whole table in the living room, but of course, do not fit all.

      “The case when the entire house in the colors and smells. 132 bouquet!” signed Jan the where her living room is more like a greenhouse.

      Fans of Yana Rudkovskaya agreed – a woman like she is worthy of gifts, attention and flowers. “Let’s around you will always be a lot of beauty”, “Jana, you are worthy of such fragrant beauty!”, “How lovely, you deserve it. Totally agree with Alla Borisovna. Do not stop there. Good luck to you too!” “What beautiful flowers! To match you! You are very beautiful, stylish, feminine! Happiness to you and your family!” such comments leave the followers of Yana Rudkovskaya.

      We will remind, on the occasion on the occasion of his birthday, the producer invited the cream of Russian show business. The chic Metropolitan restaurant Jan congratulated Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Ksenia Sobchak, Dima Bilan, singer Jasmine and other stars. This furor has made the joint performance of Alla Pugacheva and Dima Bilan, who performed the song “do Not deny loving”, tearing applause from the guests of the festival. A video recording of this room quickly went viral today, having conquered all fans of the Diva and Dima Bilan.