Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko is preparing for the wedding

Яна Рудковская и Евгений Плющенко готовятся к венчанию Celebrity decided to hold a Church ceremony after seven years of marriage. Before the triumph of Yana Rudkovskaya wants to have a bachelorette party. The invitation to the event is the charity auction of her friend, Lena Perminova.

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko have been happily married for seven years. Many colleagues of the pair admire how harmoniously they look together. Recently it became known that the producer and the Olympic champion in figure skating decided to get married. Many people prefer to live a few years together before heading to Church and go through the rite.

Rudkovskaya girlfriend, model Lena Perminova, reported on the upcoming bachelorette party page on the social network. Party in the company Yana is one of the lots in the charity auction, which aims to raise money for treatment of children in need.

“Very soon we will be one of the most important events in her life – the wedding with Evgeny Plushenko. And only the winner of the auction Yana invite to your bachelorette party at the Dior boutique on June 8, organized by the brand in its best traditions! You can together with friends Jana to spend the evening in the amazing atmosphere and the first to see the new collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri. You are waiting for surprises and gifts from Jana and dancing to the music of one of the top DJ of Moscow!” reads the event announcement.

Funds that are received by the Fund will go to brain surgery for Petit Makeyev, whose birth defect. According to Perminov, without medical intervention, the boy would not be able to walk and confined for life to a wheelchair.

The auction lot was purchased by the resident of Kazan, owner of the confectionery named Alsou. Nevertheless, the businesswoman decided to give it to the resale to collect a large sum of money to rescue the child.

Itself Rudkovskaya did not give details about the upcoming wedding. However, subscribers microblog celebrity believe that she’s already picked a dress for the sacraments. Recently Ian posted a picture in luxurious blue outfit of a famous brand.

Recall that Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko spend a lot of time together, despite the busy work schedule. According to the producer, in their family, mutual understanding and peace. The couple has a son Sasha and two children from a previous marriage Yana. The heir to Plushenko and Rudkovskaya’s first success in the modeling business.