Яна Поплавская отказалась содержать сына The actress believes that children should just make themselves. Yana Poplavskaya pushed the younger son to ensure that he began to earn money. The young man humbly accepted the decision of the mother.
Яна Поплавская отказалась содержать сына

Actress Yana Poplavskaya raised two sons Klima and Nikita. The eldest is now 32 and the youngest 21. However, the actress admits that wasn’t always the perfect mother and have made mistakes. So, she realized that it is not necessary to indulge the whims of heirs in material terms. Ian tried to give them the best of everything – brought mountains of clothing from abroad, gave tours to different countries of the world, paid internship. But only after a while Poplavskaya realized that having them a disservice. Then the artist put the younger son before the fact: she refuses to support him.

“Did it not immediately: children need to let go gradually. He was 15 years, then 16 years old. I told my son: “you Have everything: a beautiful house where you are always welcome, there is a strong rear – I and my brother Klim, we will not abandon you, but to keep will not!” – admitted Jan.

To the surprise of Poplavskaya Nikita not rebelled, and decided mom adult and got a job. Though he was a busy full day, the actress was happy that now he knows the value of their efforts.

“Obtained by their own labor the money has taught him to really look at life. He learned the value of money! I remember my first paycheck Nikita brought home a small cake and gave me a silver ring with coral. It was nice to tears!” – remembered artist.

Yana Poplavskaya explained as resigned with a frightening passion sons

Now Poplavskaya sure that parents should not support their adult children. In her opinion, that’s exactly what the heirs will be able to learn to earn money and set goals. Now she critically looks at those moms and dads who bring cars and apartments adored children, and indulge their whims. Ian shared his reasoning with the publication of “Leider”, because of this the young generation has no incentive to achieve anything yourself.

“I taught their sons, that is not shameful. Ashamed to steal, but the work is never ashamed! Nikita is now literally live at work (he works for 12 and sometimes 15 hours). I don’t shove him in the mouth every piece,” said the actress.