Яна Поплавская гордится неожиданным и странным поступком сына The image of the actress is now always on a guy’s body. The younger heir Yana Poplavskaya Nikita got a tattoo. The sketch he chose the portrait of his mother. Fans were surprised at such unusual young man.

The actress Yana Poplavskaya, who played the role of little red riding hood as a child, has two sons. Senior Klim also chose the creative profession, and became a Director. The younger heir Nikita, which this year will be 22 years old, decided on a bold experiment. The young man made a tattoo on the upper back. However, the guy chose a rather original image is now forever his body was decorated with a portrait of his beloved mother.

Jan gladly published the original photo and showed the tattoo artist.

“I still can’t get used to the fact that on the back of my oldest son’s my portrait! Remember how I went nuts when he came home and said “Surprise” and took off his shirt, and there I am! And live! I hope its back cover, always and forever. Don’t know whether there are sons who “beat” the portraits of their mothers,” – boasted Poplavskaya.

Some fans they were amazed by the act of her son. They interpreted this move as a huge and sincere love of the child to the mother. Many also dream that their children did this portrait on my body.

“It’s very cool, and there really is in this double meaning, which is immediately and not think, sons the love and maternal protection”, “Very beautiful Jan and her portrait! And about the tattoo… Every tattoo carries some information and has an impact on the destiny of man. In this tattoo I personally see the mother protecting the son from enemies”, “Great! This shows the attitude of you can only be glad for your relationship with your son, you are clearly a happy mom, take care of his love! Good luck and health!” – wrote followers.

However, some felt that the son’s love can manifest itself in a different form, not as an image on the back, which can only see other people if he is without a shirt. “Not bad, but I do not wish my son would do such a” “Beautiful woman, but the tattoo is too much!”, “And I wouldn’t like it if my adult son on her back did my portrait, how strange” – shared the opinion of the subscribers will Poplavskaya.

Sons always take care of mother. Six years ago they applied to the program “Fashion verdict” to convince Ian to change his way. The fact that Klim and Nikita wanted to see her not in uniform long dresses, and stylish and modern clothing. Children of Yana Poplavskaya made her change the image