Яна Поплавская отчаянно боролась за жизнь отчима The actress was hoping the cancer wins. Yana Poplavskaya are grateful to Vladimir Alexandrov for the fact that he raised. After the divorce, the man married to her mother, was able to take the girl and start treating her like family.
Яна Поплавская отчаянно боролась за жизнь отчима

Two years ago, the actress Yana Poplavskaya lost stepfather Vladimir Viktorovich Alexandrov. It is the artist called “second dad.” She talked about the fact that he was involved in her upbringing and was able to replace the biological father.

Her parents divorced when Joanna was four years old, but some time later, the mother married a second time. Alexandrov took the woman with child and gave the girls a caring parent. When men did not, the actress has not been able to recover. She said that for the past couple of years tried to do everything to prolong the life of a loved one. Her eldest son, power steering, adored grandfather and tried to make his last days of life.

“We fought for the Pope two years. Thought I would beat cancer. But no, a terrible disease it eats everything alive. When dad was in hospice (only there could anesthetize), the air conditioner 24 hours a day was. When dad left, son talked to him, read over him the prayer,” said Jan.
Яна Поплавская отчаянно боролась за жизнь отчима

Despite the fact that the more time spent with Poplavskaya Vladimir Viktorovich, she’s in a wonderful relationship with his own father Yevgeny Vasilyevich. Many admire the fact that the actress speaks warmly about the family.

Яна Поплавская отчаянно боролась за жизнь отчима“I think that upstairs know who any parents to give. And my dad Volodya is the man that I need in life. I love my biological father, my whole family amazing talk (dad was married four times, has four children). But father Vladimir is very special for me man is dearer to my soul is hard to imagine,” admitted Ian.

When Poplavskaya first became a mother, my stepfather was the man who helped her with the baby. She was grateful to him for what he could get up in the night to a crying baby and no problem remained with him, when Ian was minding my own business. Jan grateful to the father and to the stepfather of another and that between them there was no hostility.

“My dad Jack was not jealous. He is a very smart man. With great tenderness treat dad to Volodya, always thanked him for what he raised me. I’m happy that he managed to acquaint the Pope with the man I love. I was very pleased that Jack liked Vladimir”, – said Poplavskaya edition of “Leider”.