Яна Поплавская рассекретила роман с молодым журналистом The actress appeared at the closing of the festival with a new man. It turned out that the beloved stars of the film “About little Red riding Hood” name is Evgeny Yakovlev, and he works for RTR and is the chief editor of “Megapolis Media”.

      Яна Поплавская рассекретила роман с молодым журналистом

      Yesterday in the Russian capital ended the 38-th Moscow international film festival. The closing ceremony brought a lot of surprises. Special attention of the journalists was riveted Yana Poplavskaya, who appeared on the red carpet in the company of an imposing young man. Many were interested in the identity of the new darling star of the Soviet film “About little Red riding Hood”. The closing ceremony of the festival in 2016. Online stream

      Beloved Poplavskaya was Yevgeny Yakovlev, radio “Vesti FM” and the chief editor of “Megapolis Media”. According to the actress, they know each other for more than ten years, but there are only one and a half years. The star calls it the civil husband. It is noteworthy that John chose not to put the photos together with the young man on social networks that their relations were not the object of attention of journalists. In turn, the leading RTR has already showed the pictures with Yana from the festival “legends of Retro FM and many other social events. His friends wrote that Yakovlev and Poplavskaya, a beautiful couple. The young man does not bother that he had with Jana, a significant difference in age. They are happy with each other.

      Яна Поплавская рассекретила роман с молодым журналистом

      Recall that the parting with her husband Sergei Ginzburg after 25 years of marriage, Ian for a long time could not start a new relationship. Poplavskaya was unable to forgive her husband infidelity. Then the movie star said he did not want to repeat the fate of many other women.

      “I see no reason to continue such invalid relations. I have enough in my life seen a women who attempted to get over the betrayal and, as you say, to give a chance. But all of these women have poor eyes. Because they live in constant fear, again, that they betray, they lie. And I absolutely don’t want to be on this dead end road”, – said the artist.

      His decision to divorce Ginzburg Poplavskaya explained that does not want her children to grow up in an atmosphere of treachery and falsehood, and seen such a negative example of family relations. By the way, Yana’s son Nikita has built a very happy married life. In 2015, it was combined by marriage with the native of Cherepovets, Eugenia Ostriakovo. Yana Poplavskaya had married the eldest son

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