Yana Poplavskaya attacked “Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshina

Яна Поплавская набросилась на «мистера Синтола» Кирилла Терешина The actress condemned the behavior of the inhabitant of Pyatigorsk, which became renowned for his biceps unimaginable proportions. Cyril Tereshin does not hide that he used synthol to increase muscle. Many openly criticize the young man and urge him to think again.
Яна Поплавская набросилась на «мистера Синтола» Кирилла Терешина

Wednesday, December 6, in the broadcast channel NTV showed the program “Special correspondent”, characters who were people experimenting with looks. In the Studio there was “Mr. Synthol” and “hands-Bazooka” Kirill Tereshin, almost all covered with tattoos the son of Elena Yakovleva, Denis Crazy owner of an unusual figure on the face Nikolay Markelov, as well as the girl with the expressive eyebrows Angelica Protodjakonova.

Mother “Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshina feared for his life

Cyril Tereshin has shared his story in the program Andrei Malakhov. Then the TV show was attended by his mother, who has strongly condemned the son’s behavior. Many experts “a Special correspondent” also criticized the act Tereshina. So when Yana Poplavskaya saw Cyril, her surprise was not the limit. Leading Vadim Takmenev noted that the actress shocked appearance of “Mr Synthol”.

Яна Поплавская набросилась на «мистера Синтола» Кирилла Терешина

According to Yana Poplavskaya, the glory that came to Cyril, it is not necessary such experiments health. “It’s ugly, you have thin legs,” – said the actress. In the broadcast transmission Tereshin said that for a living video greetings. Each of them costs about three thousand rubles.

“You know what this reminds me of? Social prostitution. This is absolutely no different. “I have three thousand rubles sell themselves”, – was indignant Poplavskaya.
Яна Поплавская набросилась на «мистера Синтола» Кирилла Терешина

Blogger Nikolai Sobolev told those present why he fears for the life of Cyril. “The man takes a syringe to prepare a solution and injecting him in the arm. This is unsafe because it could get infected,” said the popular online character, urging those present to pay attention to the reddened hands of a young man. “There have been no to someone they have lost,” retorted Tereshin.

In the future, Cyril would like to continue the modification of their body. “One of my eyes is yellow, the other blue. Also going to put your fangs, you still want to cut a tongue like a lizard,” – said a resident of Pyatigorsk. Says the young man, he does it not to earn money, but for themselves.

“I don’t think it’s ugly. If you think so, then all men are freaks” – said Kirill.
Яна Поплавская набросилась на «мистера Синтола» Кирилла Терешина

In recognition Tereshina, he spent on his hands about three hundred thousand rubles. “It is better to be on the girl pulled,” said Poplavskaya. The actress believes that Cyril deliberately increased muscle, as I didn’t want to go back to a regular job. Medical specialist, joined the discussion, urged Tereshina stop experiments with health.

“When in the minds of one gyrus, is necessary as-that to compensate. And to make one story or another,” said Poplavskaya.

The actress also apologized to Cyril for his words. Tereshin said that not experiencing negative feelings toward Poplavskaya. In the opinion of the inhabitant of Pyatigorsk, she just doesn’t understand it.