Yana Poplavskaya almost fell from the seventh floor

Яна Поплавская едва не сорвалась с седьмого этажа The actress wanted to go down the scaffolding. When Yana Poplavskaya understand that you will not be able to implement his plan, then knocked on the window to the neighbors. They called on the help of a passerby, who helped lift her back into the apartment.
Яна Поплавская едва не сорвалась с седьмого этажа

Famous actress Yana Poplavskaya raised two sons Klima and Nikita. She’s happy with the way she was treated by her parents, and because in the case with your children adhere to similar rules and regulations. She remembered that her disobedience could leave without entertainment. Once a child Yana lied to mom and dad about what was in training, but by the time her teacher has alerted them of the truancy of her daughter. Because of this, Poplavskaya was deprived of going to the movies. Then the aspiring actress decided to get to the theater and get out of the apartment through a window. However, the family lived on the seventh floor, and Yana act almost ended in tragedy. The house was renovated, but because it climbed the scaffolding.

“When I realized that I will not be able in this way to descend, tried to climb back, but couldn’t. I knocked on the window of a neighbor. Claudia L. was stupefied, ran in the yard, called to the aid of a man who was able to lean over the window and lift me up. When the parents returned, the neighbor paint told them about my adventure,” recalled Poplavskaya.

After that, Yana’s father was furious and even wanted to raise her hand. But the girl dug her teeth into his leg, but because he had no how to let her go. However, Jan knew that the Pope would not allow himself to hit his beloved daughter.

In the education of sons Poplavskaya still could not restrain himself. She admitted that several times he used physical force in respect of climate and Nikita. The artist was outraged not their bad assessments and actions related to human meanness. Yana Poplavskaya is proud unexpected and strange thing son

“I gave to his sons face. My great-grandfather always said that the most inviolable in life is a person. If hit in the face, then beaten for the actions out of the ordinary that related to the fact that people crossed the line of meanness, the line of permissibility,” said Ian.

The actress admitted in an interview with “Leider” that after this act she became very ill, and she felt herself literally a monster.