Yana Poplavskaya about the scandal on NTV: “I will not be silent!”

Яна Поплавская о скандале на НТВ: «Я не буду молчать!»
The actress blew off shooting a TV show for young children in the Studio.

Yana Poplavskaya

Yana Poplavskaya, the scandal has stopped filming the TV show “DNA”. The actress took part in a TV show in the role of the star expert. The theme of the program was the history of the children’s father refuses to acknowledge his 13th child. Ian was shocked by the story of the main character about his life. The man admitted that he lives in the same housing at the same time with four wives and 12 children. At first, there was the story of the hero of a TV show about his intimate life with a “harem”, and after the Studio brought young children and the camera began to ask questions, which Poplavskaya and disrupted the shooting.

Ian felt that the “use” of young children in programs of this kind is contrary to moral principles. She raised the question of why this family are not engaged in the care. “What happens next, has no name. In the Studio bring 8 children, the average age of 4-5 years, and one older boy of 11 years! It minors! And presenter of the program, sitting down in front of a tiny 4-year-old child, Suzuka, asks how life is for all kids with the same dad and moms, does baby, what’s the name of his personal mother! I could not believe my eyes and ears!

I was shocked that everything in the Studio guests were silent, even when I stopped the recording of the program and addressing to a hall, editors, producers, host of the program asked, how dare they manipulate children, putting them in front of the entire country on national television for the sake of rating? Where, tell me guardianship? How is it possible to roll up to the bestiality and who came up with the idea in mind to use tiny children in the program? They should change people’s minds, journalists, guides, to go to such things!? I will not be silent!” says Yana in social networks. Representatives of the TV channel has left the publication Poplavskaya without comment.