Яна Крайнова делает омолаживающие уколы
The actress began to be treated from irritation of the skin, and got an added bonus!

Yana Krainova

Photo: Gevorg Markosyan

After the filming of the series “doctor’s Diary”, for which Yana kranovoj as
you know, we had to get better for eight pounds, she was
forced to turn to these doctors for help. Endocrinologist warned the actress that her pancreas is on the brink, forced to go on a diet fractional
food. To save after shooting the hair that every day is increased, then
cheat, failed. The problem was solved radically: Ian short
hair cut like a boy’s, and the groom and
cherish was a new hair when grown. Suffered from filming and thin skin

“After the shooting it just left the hydrolipidic layer:
no water, no fat, — said Jan. — I was very lucky with the dermatologist, which
never tried to “breed” me on expensive medications and treatments. We use only
simple creams from the pharmacy, washing with boiled water with lemon. Now if
I have pimples or irritation, we work hard for them ozone: valid
obezzarajivatmi, and bonus anti-ageing effect”.

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