Яна Кошкина ждёт выписки из роддома
The private life of Yana Koshkina is a secret from all. Someone says something about the presence of a rich lover, someone to believe that Yana’s heart freely. Anyway recently Ian found himself in the elite hospital of Moscow and Moscow region.

Яна Кошкина ждёт выписки из роддома

Namely, the Hospital “Lapino”, where lining up those who have the funds for elegant delivery.

But Ian was treated with ailments that it was working a few days with a high temperature.

Яна Кошкина ждёт выписки из роддома

“I fine-tuned with the temperature. Now a well-deserved “rest” in the hospital. And You how are you doing Friday night?”

– wrote in Instagram cat’s.

Fortunately, now the situation is normalized, and the health of the actress comes back to normal.

“My dear, I want to say a big thank You for your support! Feel better! Please advise, what movies to see? No matter, Comedy, drama, the main thing that with a sense…”.

So very soon Yana will again delight us with pictures from his hospital bed, and, for example, naked.