Яна Кошкина серьезно поругалась с любимым мужчиной
The presenter did not hide emotions from fans.

Photo: Instagram

Presenter of the First channel Yana Koshkina in recent years, often tells fans about problems in the relationship with the man I love. Despite the fact that the star hides his identity from the public — not showing in social networks and do not go out with him to social events — to hide their emotions about the quarrels and insults does not consider it necessary. However, many believe that this behavior Yana — planned action.

Not so long ago in his personal blog Koshkina ask my fans whether to forgive beloved.

“To punish or pardon that suggest?” — she wrote.

All very interested in what made such a terrible lover stars that caused Ian to doubt their relationship. Based on further posts, Koshkina still forgave blessed and continued to live in his posh house in the exclusive area and drive in a luxurious Bentley, who reportedly gave her it.

But then Yana deeply impressed the public when he published his photos in tears.

“But you men brought to tears?” — again asked the girl at the fans.

Subscribers stars were in shock. However, not everyone appreciated such candor. Many have suggested that made this post was specifically for the men. The fact that Ian is put under the post hashtag “I know you look at me” so, apparently, after a quarrel, one of her favorite people have seen to what condition drove her to it.

Any comments after the incident Koshkina has not yet been given, but fans hope that she is reconciled with man and he will not allow himself to disappoint the girl.