Яна Чурикова оказалась на грани развода из-за анорексии
The presenter told us about the horrors of your weight loss.

Yana Churikova

Photo: @yana_chu Instagram Yana Churikova

Yana Churikova has shared with fans of “bitter” experience. The presenter told about how dramatic weight loss that happened many years ago impacted her relationship with her first husband.

Churikova was very honest with his fans. To warn them of the errors, honestly Ian talked about some of the details of his transformation. The presenter reminded of the unpleasant consequences of sudden weight loss, which became the impetus for anorexia, and, namely, about the memory problems and “disappeared” bust. Due to recent Churikova to the word almost was on the verge of divorce.

“The second “Factory” I was coming out of anorexia/bulimia, but still was very thin. Of course, the pluses in this is — I fit in the 42nd Russian, and proudly wore a chic and small first line of Gean Paul Gaultier, I selected a team of stylists! But there were downsides. I could barely remember the lyrics, and the breast has shrunk enough that I was horrified and asked her first husband: “And if they do disappear, you’re with me leave?” — said Churikova. Now TV presenter buys clothes size 46, which, by the way, very happy. After all, she learned to accept herself for who she is.

To maintain your shape Churikova, among other things, a lot of time on sports. She is an avid yoga fan. Thanks to her 38-year-old Yana sometimes surprising Network users with twine. By the way, with her first husband Churikova still divorced in 2009, but not because of weight issues.