Yana Churikova unusually celebrated her birthday

Яна Чурикова необычно отметила свой день рождения
The presenter told us about his achievement.

Yana Churikova

Photo: @yana_chu Instagram Yana Churikova

Yana Churikova this year decided to break with tradition to celebrate the birthday of a big feast with friends in the restaurant. Its 38 anniversary of the TV presenter met… immersed in the ocean to a depth of about 300 meters. About his unusual experience Churikova happily told fans.

“Noted Dr at a depth of 301.7 meters, in the Pacific ocean. Well , to remember! PS Thanks to everyone who congratulated, with the last! And excuse me, who is not yet answered, only now parse the message for a long time were completely without communication! Now back in the ranks!” — told the Jan.

By the way, the presenter also admitted that she and Valdis Pelham there is an unspoken competition. Behind Churikova for more than a decade of fascination with diving, but at the’she of experience in this sport even more. It seems that the recent dip Yana allowed her to significantly pull ahead. “I’m sorry, but our eternal underwater contest I’m running!” asked Churikova, Valdis.