Yana Churikova has revealed the secret of his youth

Яна Чурикова раскрыла секрет своей молодости
38-year-old TV presenter struck a photo with grandma.

Photo: Instagram

Yana Churikova has published rare photos in his personal blog. She poses together with his daughter Tasey, which this year went to the second grade, and grandmother. Signed Churikova picture: “80, 38, 8. Have a safe flight!”

Subscribers stars did not realize that the presenter has in mind age, because her grandmother well, not give 80 years!

“Now I know where I went to Jan!” — wrote fans. Really, Churikova became popular in the late 90-ies, but since then almost has not changed. But it took almost 20 years!

Despite the fact that the genes of the presenter obviously lucky (interestingly, looks like her mom?), she argues that success lies not in heredity and hard work. She is sure that it is absolutely necessary to do sports and to continually increase the load, learn to say “enough” to care for the face and body with the help of professional beauticians and advanced techniques to prefer small feedings and to find a hobby that helps to keep yourself in shape. Churikova, for example, has 10 years of experience in diving, but you can use any kind of active sport.