Якубович рассказал про свою «страшную болезнь»

On the web again rumors that the presenter of the program “Field of miracles” health problems.

Recently the Internet has risen the hype, supposedly a favorite of the audience the presenter was unwell, and much. Some news sites wrote, that Leonid Arkadevich even flew to Germany for medical treatment, after he was in a mysterious accident. Other well build hypotheses about the stroke that the artist had to leave for Europe to recover.

And recently, Yakubovich appeared in public, at the premiere of “the Queen of Spades” and, they say, all told, he had problems with the cardiovascular system that age of course, but behind.

Meanwhile, the search resources of one of the most popular requests was the phrase “Yakubovich died or not.”

After this nightmare, fans began to worry in earnest.

The editors of Woman’s Day decided to find out what is really going on with Yakubovich.

Artist after the first beeps picked up. The voice of the master sounded, as usual, cheerfully.

“What “the Queen of Spades”? Don’t know anything about this performance. You are the Transfiguration Professor said? Do not read Soviet Newspapers! All the best to you” – so with humor presenter commented on his alleged first publication after an illness.

So the spectators and fans of Leonid Arkadyevich could be calm, Yakubovich is alive and well, and soon we will see him in the Christmas edition of “Field of miracles”.