Yadviga Poplavskaya injured in a traffic accident

Ядвига Поплавская пострадала в ДТП
Belarusian singer Yadviga Poplavskaya on the eve suffered as a result of a traffic accident.

Ядвига Поплавская пострадала в ДТП

She crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing, two cars waited for her to finish the transition, but the third decided to pull away, knocking the performer. Now she with a broken leg in the hospital.

Ядвига Поплавская пострадала в ДТП

“It happened on the crossing near the stop “hothouse combine”. I always turn up, cautiously looking down the road, because there are no traffic lights. There are “Zebra” and sign “pedestrian crossing”. But, unfortunately, I have long been convinced that many drivers do not react to it.

The only consolation in my dire situation with a broken leg would see in this passage the light that would bring benefit and peace of mind as drivers and pedestrians. It’s so convenient to cross the road on green light and not jerk on the “Zebra” back and forth, looking, not rushing anyone at you. Once I stood on the roadway in such a transition, wondering: will stop somebody or not? What you’re saying – nobody even slowed down!” – said Jadwiga.

Now the traffic police deal with the driver, who was hit by artist. Eyewitnesses immediately called Poplavskaya ambulance.

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