Ксения Стриж не общалась с отцом несколько лет Leading was the guest of the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. Xenia has frankly told about his personal life, explained why her father is famed actor Yuri V. volintsev was against the first daughter’s wedding.
Ксения Стриж не общалась с отцом несколько лет

One of the most famous radio broadcaster of Russia Ksenia Strizh decided to talk about family conflict, after which her father, people’s artist of Russia Yury Vitalyevich volintsev’t talked to her in two years.

At 18, she fell in love with a guy from the province of Igor Minaev, now rector of the Church of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg. But in the late ‘ 80s chosen swift was a student at the theatre school, so influential father-in-law was against the marriage of his daughter.

“He’s from the eagle… the Parents thought that it is only residence, his fourth year, he had to catch hold of an apartment in Moscow. I was very sorry to hear that, we have fractured relationships on the ground,” shared swift.
Ксения Стриж не общалась с отцом несколько лет

In the end, the wedding of Ksenia and Igor’s place. Yuri V. did not come to the celebration. Relatives from the groom gave the young married in one of the best Moscow restaurants. And then removed the Bridal apartment, where they lived for two years. Then Minaev sent for distribution to another city, because registration had never been. In the end, the couple divorced, but she fondly recalls the first serious love.

“So… Kind of nonsense. He left and our marriage broke up. After that, my family never spoke about it, made no sense. We still quarreled. All my life we were living, referring to this situation”, – said the leading.
Ксения Стриж не общалась с отцом несколько лет

Ksenia said that her family fell out of the housing problem. “That ill-fated apartment, from which I escaped and Igor escaped. She eventually went to the state. As for Bulgakov,” recalled the celebrity.

Ksenia told about the last fourth husband Andrew Sustave. In her confession, the chosen one in absentia was afraid of her, hearing once on the radio live with it. “Yes, he was afraid of me. When listening to the radio, afraid of the energy, pressure,” – said the leader.

But now he admires the famous wife and proudly carries the title of husband of Ksenia Strizh. The woman calls herself a “burrowing animal” who loves his home. The guide had even appeared strange fun, she looking at ads apartment for sale, bound to their masters and goes to visit them.

“Now I go to a website, where people sell the apartment, call and arrange to view accommodation. I love to talk to people, find out what state they sell the apartment, how to live. And when they open the door and see me. Them a shock. Then there are different people, with some you are going to drink some coffee, tea, I like a little homeless. I take one area, for example, Krasnaya Presnya, here are four apartments, they are with a difference of five hundred meters. And begin to ask all sorts of interesting stories about housing. Like went away! And we actually found the apartment, which is now saving money,” admitted swift.