Xenia Borodin congratulations on the new addition to the family

Ксению Бородину поздравляют с прибавлением в семье Leading shared good news with fans. The TV host posted on Instagram a touching photo with a new member of the family. Fans left many comments under the picture.
Ксению Бородину поздравляют с прибавлением в семье

On the eve of Ksenia Borodina told the fans that he wants a puppy. Leading interested Network users the nature of your pet, leading worried that the dog may chew the furniture.

Later, however, the celebrity has posted on Instagram a photo of the younger daughter with the new family member. Thea in the picture sitting next to a little brown puppy. Ksenia did not sign the frame. Fans congratulated the lead with the addition.

“Morning,” signed the leading.

“Still got the dog?”, “Like a King Charles cavalier, I have two of them”, “my husband wants… And I’m afraid to start, not solved”, “them it is necessary to walk. Yes?”, “Lovely!” noted fans of Xenia.

Ksenia Borodina not once said that family is important in life. Leading doted daughters, she tells the audience of millions of Instagram about the success of the heirs. Army fans the stars “House-2” always admired how she is a wonderful mother. Criticism of Mary, and Thea Borodin takes extremely painful. Leading personally maintains a page on Instagram, frequently communicates with users directly. Kseniya Borodina scandal because of the criticism of children

“I communicate with people, otherwise what’s the point in blogging? You know, most celebrities don’t even read what they write followers, exclusively narcissism: hung photos and that’s it. And I wonder what people think, and if I don’t agree with his point of view, ready to engage in dialogue. In my Instagram, as in any family, there is praise, and quarrels. We have such a fun life!” – Xenia admitted in an interview with “StarHit”.