Xenia Alferov silenced

Ксению Алферову заставили замолчать
The actress said that can’t talk for three days.

Ksenia Alferova

Photo: Instagram

Ksenia Alferova has shared the sad news: she got banned
to talk. The actress has got a cold voice
bundles. Doctors prescribed her treatment and the first thing recommended to be silent. According to star, this for her is the most difficult.

“I am now silent and sipyaschie Xenia! — says the actress. — Close
it is hard to imagine! A small problem with the cords, was told to keep quiet
a few days! And this is the hardest part of treatment! Three hours survived,
there are still at least 60 hours to go! Will ACE speed writing
free in the end!” On assurances of Xenia, she’s not allowed to talk even in a whisper.
It is, in her words, even more harmful, than to speak in full voice. Subscribers microblog personal Alferova supported her, gave
an incredible amount of helpful tips on how to deal with such disease, and
assured that she could always communicate with them that Xenia with pleasure and

It should be noted that with the advent of autumn chilly cold
the weather in Moscow is often the cause of colds among residents
capital. Everyone, including celebrities, is saved. For example,
Svetlana Ivanova decided that to deal with a sore throat and runny nose are the easiest
with the help of his favorite works, and Stas Peha admitted that for him the best way
struggle with the lingering ARD — sport.