Ксению Алферову шокировали продавцы в магазине косметики The theater and film actress, public activist, co-founder of the charity Fund supporting children with special needs “I am!” Ksenia Alferova is extremely troubled about how to deal with consultants network store.

Ksenia Alferova always for peace, goodness and justice, it was one of those who did not pass by someone else’s misfortune and always openly Express their opinion.

This time Ksenia came to the defense trade workers, which, in its opinion, are not human.

Outrage, genuine outrage Alferov shared on his page in the social network. The actress told how went to a large online store of perfumes and cosmetics. Nice girl consultant helped well-known actress to make a choice. Alferov but never bought, because her attention was attracted to numbers written in pen on the face of the seller.

“I asked what that means. And then it all somehow shrunk, lowered his eyes and, barely holding back tears, murmured, what do those numbers mean the end time of the action. I was stunned! Could not believe my ears. Said. Looked around and was stunned. All the sellers went to the shop with the numbers on the face. Think about it! The management of the company makes his employees every day to write on the face of the numbers. My question is, why not on your forehead, a nice woman responded that they still, thank God, never came. This is what a horror, to stigmatize their employees! The only Association that arise in me – a concentration camp or Pets!”, – wrote Ksenia.

Alferov believes that the pursuit of profit, the world is going crazy.

At the end of his post, the actress appealed for assistance and justice. And very emotional, asked the representatives of the company management: “Guide you out of your mind?! You beasts or men? Obviously, the first. You realize that this is humiliating? Who gave you the right to humiliate, offend the staff, people? It can’t be, it should not be!”.