"Люди Икс: Апокалипсис" – выживут самые стильные: спецпроект на SPLETNIK.RU

After the success of the film “X-Men: Days of future past”, Director Bryan singer decided not to stop and shoot a sequel of the famous franchise. New the story of the mutants “X-Men: Apocalypse” loyal fans and lovers of quality action will be able to see in the movie’s may 19.

This time the X-Men to join the battle with Apocalypse, the most important and powerful mutant who has awakened after centuries of sleep. He in anger from the fact that mutants are no longer regarded as gods. Therefore, intending to create a new world order, he assembles a team of the strongest, which includes the frustrated life of magneto. In order to stop the Apocalypse in his quest to destroy life on Earth, Raven and Professor X lead the team of young X-Men in an epic confrontation with an enemy that appears unstoppable.

As with previous episodes, the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” in addition to the exciting story will delight the audience with their dramatic composition. To the already popular Jennifer Lawrence (“the Hunger games”, “Joey”), James McAvoy (“Victor Frankenstein”, “Trance”), Nicholas Holt (Warm bodies”, “Mad Max”) and Michael Fassbender (“Shame”, “Macbeth”) joined the stars of the series – Sophie Turner (“Game of thrones”) and Evan Peters (“American horror story”).

Edition SPLETNIK.RU could not miss this premiere. Our special project, we invite all users to create fancy bows on the basis of the costumes of X-Men. Metal top Storm, rough shoes of the Mystic or the Cape of magneto – with skillful use of all these items of clothing can become a stylish addition to any look.


"Люди Икс: Апокалипсис" – выживут самые стильные: спецпроект на SPLETNIK.RU

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