Worse Volochkova: Svetlana Loboda village on the twine

Не хуже Волочковой: Светлана Лобода села на шпагат

Former soloist of “VIA gra” showed favorite position…

Anastasia Volochkova it is time to worry: not only is she in the show-business can easily do the splits. Right next door at the ballerina appeared competitor – the former participant of group “VIA Gra” Svetlana Loboda.

And the splits are Nasty, which she usually demonstrates on the roof of the limo, in the bath, on the boat and other unusual places many subscribers react nervously: “Will show nothing more?”, the flexibility Loboda fans have accepted with enthusiasm.

“Elegant, plastic, graceful! The figure is super!” wrote Svetlana in response to her photo with the words “I so love this pose”.

However, not to admire the forms of the 34-year-old star, which grows to 5-year-old daughter, Evangelina, is simply impossible. Loboda incredibly quickly came into shape after giving birth and still continues to work on her figure.

Although Volochkova too slender and her stretching is one more great work. But why the reaction is quite different: Svetlana praise, and the nasty Troll?

Probably the fact that everything is good in moderation. Loboda unlike Volochkova almost the first time showed the splits and ballerina abusing this technique every day.