«Страшнее некуда»: Орбакайте получила неприятный сюрприз на 47-летие
Each showed how the singer looked like before the transformation.

«Страшнее некуда»: Орбакайте получила неприятный сюрприз на 47-летие

Filipp Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite

Today Kristina Orbakaite celebrates 47 years. Congratulations to the artist from the early morning to appear in social networks. The first personal holiday singer wrote Philip. In his post, the singer of gratitude to the address of Alla Pugacheva. “Love you! Always near! Good luck to you and just smiles. To loved ones you people have taken minutes and hours of joy, joy and only joy! — says the man. Everything else you’ve inherited from their amazing parents, God give them long life and a low bow for you. Especially your incomparable, beloved and adored by us all alia! Your brother Phil!”

«Страшнее некуда»: Орбакайте получила неприятный сюрприз на 47-летие

Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite

Photo: Social networks

Behind him happy Orbakaite her mother. In his microblog Alla wrote about how proud the adult daughter. “My wonderful girl, unique and the most stylish actress and woman congratulations on your birthday! Every day my life is filled with happiness knowing that I have such a daughter. Happiness to you!” congratulated Christina the Diva. She showed archival black-and-white photo, which was captured with her daughter.

Igor Nikolaev and Christina Aguilera

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

From everyone who congratulated Christine happy birthday Igor Nikolaev only managed to accidentally “put a pig” to the birthday girl. Nikolaev published a very touching message, but picked up to him a very bad photo of Aguilera. This drew the attention of many netizens. “I chose the scene where Christine ever… worse”, “Bad photo, better change”, “Christine will not like it” — write to Igor. Interestingly, this photograph was taken quite some time. Now Christina looks much younger and more spectacular.