World’s largest ship has its own garden and shopping centre

На самом большом в мире лайнере есть свой сад и торговый центр

The liner called Harmony of the Seas (“Harmony of the seas”), which is called the second “Titanic” and the floating city came in his first voyage.

Liner Harmony of the Seas went on its maiden voyage from the French city of Saint-Nazaire in the British port of Southampton. There the ship will sit the first passengers, and then he will sail to Barcelona.

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For reference: length Harmony of the Seas is 362 meters and a height of about 60 meters. On Board the ship can be 6400 passengers and about 2 thousand crew members. The area also boasts 2500 cabins, about 30 cafés and restaurants, 20 dining rooms and 23 pool, 30-meter wall for climbing, sport clubs, basketball court, water Park, mini Golf course, skating rink, casino, theatre, a 100-meter shopping arcade. The highlight of the ship is the Park with more than 10 thousand plants and 50 trees. In General, people on Board will not be bored, everyone will find something for everyone.

The construction of the liner in the French Saint-Nazaire took about 2.5 years and cost a billion euros. It was custom-made by the American company Royal Caribbean Cruises.

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Unfortunately, photos of Board Harmony of the Seas there. And while we can see how it looked, the layout of the ship. The video is shared on the network.

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