Звезда мирового футбола бросил россиянку с ребенком на руках Dutch athlete Lorenzo Ebecilio broke up with a sweetheart from Moscow Anne of bagaevoy. Player acquainted with the girl friends, when a few years ago he was playing for one of the Russian clubs. And last year the couple had a daughter, Malena.
Звезда мирового футбола бросил россиянку с ребенком на руках

Now 26-year-old Ebecilio abruptly cut off communication with Anna, stopped responding to messages and calls. He also said that the baby wasn’t his. This act angered the young mother. For help Bagaeva asked the law company “Gordon and Sons”.

“My client is saddened by the behavior of a former lover. A peaceful way to settle the problem does not work, says “StarHit” Kate Gordon, the owner of the Agency. – It intends to prove paternity through a DNA test and sue for child support for the child. A girl just like your daddy. And is the patronymic Lorenzana”.

According to Gordon, about the intentions of bagaevoy’s lawyers said the club, which plays football. So for athlete’s trial will be an unexpected surprise.

“We have already started the business, continues Kate. Now waiting for a response from Lorenzo. Of course, there is a possibility that he will come to her senses. But if not, I’m ready to defend Anna!”