Тренировки едва не убили Орландо Блума

There is no doubt that Hollywood actor Orlando bloom is one of the most popular actors Hollywood has a beautiful body but, as with many other celebrities, he had to put in the effort to be so.

In a recent interview during the talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” star “Pirates of the Caribbean” told about the exhausting and kind of weird training, almost deprived him of life.
The question Corden about how Orlando has managed to remain in such excellent shape, the actor said that he is grateful for his coach Lardo Hamilton.
“He conducts training in the pool of his house. I’m doing weight-lifting exercises under water. Sink to the bottom with the load, holding my breath and doing exercise. This is similar to the method for determining the witches in the middle ages,” joked bloom.
According to the actor, such trainings are very effective and produce good results in the shortest possible time.
“Of course, you can slukavit and breathe n the fact that when the blood becomes less oxygen, exercise brings greater effect,” bloom said and told how she twice lost consciousness under water and almost died.
“After the first incident, Laird said to me: “Bro, you have to stop these exercises,” but I continued, and he was forced to constantly watch me when I train. After the second incident, I realized that more is to tempt fate not worth it,” said Orlando.