Workers criticized the work in the factory Kylie Jenner Spatz Labs

Работники раскритиковали работу на фабрике Кайли Дженнер Spatz Labs

Kylie Jenner wants her cosmetics brand to be successful, but if the cosmetics brand in her name and sold, the environment in which it is created, does not stand up to scrutiny.
At the time, as the star of a reality show giving an interview in which tells about how wonderful the business, employees Spatz Labs that Oxforde, stct California, for a long time at work is not delayed. As it became known to journalists, staff turnover due to the difficult working conditions, more like slavery, with the rating of the company is quite high.

“There are too many workers and very little space”, “Working hours are increasing all the time, no time for personal life”, “security system at work – only lab coats, hair net and safety goggles, at the same time, particles of cosmetics clog the lungs and cause breathing problems and cough” were some of the drawbacks mentioned current and former employees. Those who first gets a job in Spatz Labs, first it is very encouraged that see the “creation of beauty from beginning to end.”
In January of this year, one of the workers explained his departure from the company that the remuneration is minimal, and the number of responsibilities assigned to each employee, is constantly increasing, with no financial benefits they receive, not to mention “very uncomfortable conditions”. Those workers who now work at the factory, say that the management did not heed the criticism and working conditions are only getting worse.
Representative Spatz Labs said that the charges “allegedly the former employees” — it’s a black business of their competitors, and actually in the factory things in the best way.
“Spatz Labs is working on the market for over 60 years, and has a high level of standards in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. We guarantee the safety of our employees and good working conditions, including fair labor standards and compensation payments. The last audit of Spatz Labs prosol in March 2015 and confirmed that the above named laboratory meets the highest standards” — said the representative. Kylie Jenner herself has not commented on the charges their employees.

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