Work has begun on the connection to the heating system of the houses 6 and 8 LCD “Eastern shore”

Начаты работы по подключению к теплосети домов 6 и 8 ЖК «Восточный берег»

The developer of the project “Redevelopment” has concluded the contract for technological connection of residential buildings LCD “Eastern shore” to the thermal networks, LTD “Souzenergo”. The deadline will be announced communication to the housings 6 and 8, and internal wiring.

The development of the area demanded increasing the capacity of heat supply. Therefore, the construction company from August 1, 2016 were carried out works on reconstruction of the existing neighborhood East of the boiler house. August 15 was started lay supply of heating. The deadline for all ongoing work and the start of flow in heat at home — October 2016. According to the current in Zvenigorod July 1, 2016 tariff cost of 1 Gcal for calculation for heating (in season) is 1993,93 RUB.

The company “Redevelopment” is building a residential complex “East coast” in the green district called “Moscow Switzerland”. Location chosen by chance: in Zvenigorod modern infrastructural facilities blend harmoniously with the natural beauty and rich history. It offers residents shopping and entertainment complexes, educational and sports institutions, educational establishments. For kids opened the door of the kindergarten Malinka. The company “Redevelopment” has a strong partnership with “Moscow Industrial Bank” and “VTB 24”. This makes best for the buyers mortgage terms when purchasing an apartment in residential complex “East coast”.

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