Woody Allen has revealed the secret of youth

Вуди Аллен раскрыл секрет молодости

At the opening of the Cannes film festival 80-year-old Director presented his new film “high life” and told reporters that to retire is not going to.

Allen in contrast to last year, appeared on the red carpet in good spirits. He happily posed for photographers, willingly communicated with colleagues and journalists.

In December last year the Director turned 80. But I guess it does not bother him…

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“I’m 80! The head does not fit! Because I feel young, full of energy, energetic, think it seems too bad,” admitted woody Allen.

And then told me how he manages to keep himself in good shape.

“I eat well, I have regular exercise, and I don’t feel old. My father has lived for over 100 years, mother is almost 100. So I live with the feeling that there is more to come, – said the Director. — Of course, maybe one morning I’ll Wake up and I will kick, then turns into an old man on a wheelchair with shaky hands, and I will point the finger: “It’s woody Allen, remember?” But I hope that until then will continue to shoot film.”

By the way, about the movie. The plot of the new work by Allen “high life” takes place in America 30-ies. Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) arrives from new York to Los Angeles, where he asks uncle Phil (Steve Carell), working for one of the studios of Hollywood, to help him with the work. Uncle introduces him to his Secretary didn’t speak to him (Kristen Stewart) and Bobby loses his head. Only it turns out that Phil and myself are crazy girls…

“Life is a Comedy, written by a sadist,” says the Director about his new film. — This phrase from my film, but as it turns out, when you want to find funny in everyday life, hard and cruel. The main character in my new movie, unfaithful to his wife, gives promises for work left and right – like it’s funny. But in fact he is betraying a loved one and doesn’t keep his word.”

The film “high life” opens the Cannes film festival, but does not participate in the competition. “My film is not involved in the competition program, because I don’t believe in competition in art, said Allen. — The jury will give prizes to films that many viewers will find boring. And someone thinks my movie is boring. You, for example, can’t say who is better: van Gogh, Matisse or Picasso, you can only call someone who you like more, and that’s fine.

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