Не узнаем без грима: Аль Пачино сильно растолстел

In this tolstyachka difficult to recognize the sex symbol of Hollywood.

Recently the paparazzi caught al Pacino’s near one of the theaters of Hollywood. And the first photographers did not recognize the legendary actor. With the once slender body al Pacino was a global metamorphosis.

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In the place where until recently was a flat stomach boasted a huge belly that barely fits in the oversized shirt. Jacket 54-56 size is clearly too wide in the shoulders of the actor, but the waist sits very tightly. And even sunglasses and a myriad of rings on the fingers do not attach Pacino bad boy image. As noted by American journalists, now he looks like that nice plump old man. You might think that in the abdomen 76-year-old actor rolled so plastic makeup for the role. But all the same theater he attended, not as an actor but as a spectator. And his gut – the result of excessive beer and fast food. And, it seems, the girlfriend of the actor, 37-year-old Argentine model Lucila Sola, a torso of the beloved is satisfied.

It is worth to give al Pacino credit. Many men after thirty let go of a beer belly and cease to follow him. And he so long held.

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