Won’t do it again: the daughter of a billionaire was justified for the “Raska”

Больше так не буду: дочь миллиардера оправдалась за «Рашку»

22-year-old student of the University responded to criticism in social media for his phrase that “anywhere is better than Raschke”.

Some days the 22-year-old Elina Bagaeva was silent, even deleted their accounts in social networks. But today, still got in touch and explained that it meant under its expression profile ask.fm.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”, the girl said that even thought to compare Russia with other countries.

“I in any case did not compare the standard of living in my country with some other. I said that I don’t want to Moscow, not because I do not love Russia, but because of the holidays nobody wants to go back, – said Elina Bagaeva. — This does not mean my attitude to the country as a whole. Yes, I inadvertently called Russia “Raška”, but that’s not what I named her. I was asked a question, and I inaccurately quoted the man who called Russia”.

She also admitted that he is not to imagine that because of the sloppy phrase will become almost the main person of discussion in the media.

“Of course, I understand that when a person or public child public person, his words will be more attention. Of course, you need to closely monitor what you say, but I didn’t think about that, because I just even could not imagine that can be inflated such a conflict”, – said the daughter of a billionaire. And then added: “I am the word “Rashka” is generally used in the first and last time in my life, it occurred to me not to”.

Previously, we recall, the words of the daughter of a businessman from Chechnya Musa Bagaeva condemned State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. In a radio interview he declared that women like Elina, it is better not to work with diplomats at the foreign Ministry and manicuring in beauty salons. Read more HERE.

While the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov has promised to gather teaching advice and talk to Bagaevoy personally.

The decision Torkunov was supported by press Secretary of the head of the Ministry of education of Olga Vasilyeva, Andrey Emelyanov.

“Such words and behavior are unacceptable. We welcome the decision of the rector of the University to deal with this matter personally and to conduct explanatory conversation with the girl,” said Emelyanov, according to TASS.