Wonderful technology! Now predict the weather umbrella

Вот техника дошла! Теперь погоду предскажет зонтик

Developed by French gadget also will give you a signal on your iPhone if you it somewhere forgot, will call and even make the photo!

Yes, technological progress does not stand still. Every day in the stores there are more outlandish things meant to ease our difficult lives. Now the French came up with a smart umbrella that predicts the weather. In the handle of this umbrella has built-in sensors that measure pressure, humidity, temperature and warn if there is a need to use it. The warning looks as follows: you phone which will connect to Oombrella using Bluetooth, comes the following message: “Take me with you. Rain will start in 15 minutes.” Yes with this device you can replace the entire staff of the weather stations!

But most interesting is that this is not the only advantage of the French umbrella. Besides the fact that he predicts the weather, it also stops you from losing. If you suddenly left the umbrella in the cafe or in the office, you immediately on the phone will receive the message: “You forgot something!”

But imagine this situation: you go with this umbrella in the pouring rain, the wind is blowing in your face, you won’t see anything on outstretched arms, and suddenly the phone rings and you have it in the farthest pocket. Know what you can do? Press the button on the handle of the umbrella, and he’ll connect you! No, well, that you could imagine? My God, terrible to remember that we once lived without a phone, and then the umbrella with built-in speakers!

But that’s not all. Under the big umbrella installed a GoPro camera so you can take pictures even in the rain. Well or use the handle of the umbrella as… a selfie-stick! Agree, the original decision.

And in the appendage, as the umbrella did the French, he is just beautiful. There are different size models in glossy, white or black colors. And it is a pleasure for about 60 euros. Would you buy?

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