Wonderful man: brutal stars opened their weaknesses

Замечательный мужик: брутальные звезды открыли свои слабости On the Day of defender of the Fatherland brave celebrity said “StarHit”, before can’t resist. Igor Lifanov loves chocolate paste, and Denis Klyaver crying in the movie… We learned that hide the stronger sex behind the closed doors of studios and homes.

      Замечательный мужик: брутальные звезды открыли свои слабости

      Tea with cakes

      Winning pumped up body considers himself sensitive and sentimental.

      “Many people think that the Klyaver peaceful is a brutal man, but I can’t imagine life without the positive charge and emotions – shared with “StarHit” the singer. For example, I love jokes. Regularly read them and then retell the story to friends and colleagues. Can still go to the movies and let avaricious man’s tears, if the ending is touching – as in “the lion King” when Mufasa dies. Feel sorry for him. Touched also the film “1+1″. The real story, poignant. I still have one weakness – mint gingerbread. When working in the Studio, lock myself in, brewed black tea and drink it, eating gingerbread. This process for me is like meditation, without which the work is not. After a hard busy day, like taking a bubble bath with lemon-scented – the aroma gives strength and helps to recover faster”.


      Замечательный мужик: брутальные звезды открыли свои слабости

      Leading culinary travel show “Food, I love you” on the channel “Friday!” Eduard Matsaberidze collects perfumes.

      “I believe that a man should not smell of soot and sweat, and something sweet, says ed. – In my collection for over fifteen bottles. The last flavor, which fell, – this Kilian Smoke for the Soul. I still have a weakness, sell the soul for a properly-made Apple strudel… But not his, of course. Without baking to live sad. With the advent of a daughter became terribly sentimental. If in the movie someone loves someone, and its not, I have my eyes on a wet place. My main superpower, which the majority takes for the weakness: I can spend hours to lie down and do nothing”.


      Muscular rap artist likes to Tinker with Pets.

      Замечательный мужик: брутальные звезды открыли свои слабости“Honestly, I even could not imagine that I would get so much pleasure from communicating with Pets, – told the “StarHit” djigan. But life in the female realm is different. My wife, daughter Leah and Ariel’s screaming, squeezing animal, and I have no way to refuse them. Although I was brought up in severity, I love to spoil children. That’s how our house was going to a zoo: dog, rabbit, chinchilla. They are a real stress – rubbed the dog behind the ear, Pat the Bunny – and now the mood a hundred times better! And when I see eyes light up my girls as the new furball, you can’t hide a smile of emotion”.


      Замечательный мужик: брутальные звезды открыли свои слабости

      Yevgeny movie often plays serious military who are dressed according to the Ordinance, and in everyday life wearing jewelry.

      “About a year ago I suddenly started to like jewelry – recognized “StarHit” actor. I have gathered a small collection. Bracelets and rings basically gives wife. But it’s not the noodle – feel that fits me. We in St. Petersburg are quite well-known in narrow circles of the conceptual store of jewelry. There are presented the author’s works, there are male things and female. It’s nice that these accessories pronounced originality. I’m not a trend and in your way. By the way, the owner of the boutique Katya Bokuchava – a good friend of mine. She recently gave me a funky ring with the head of Shakespeare, who purchased in London. It looks cool with a leather jacket.”


      Igor Lifanov usually plays a tough special forces, after the shoot is to relax.

      “In SPA we are together with his wife Elena, – has shared with “StarHit” the actor. – Steamed in the sauna, be sure to visit massage, swim in the pool or spend time in the Jacuzzi. Sometimes I do a refreshing face mask. All these procedures are very useful for health and appearance – improve the circulation, tone, mood. Feel like born again. Profession requires me to keep fit and look good, even if you slept three hours. Tour the eternal moving from place to place. Sometimes change hotels every day. SPA is one of the most enjoyable ways to quickly get in shape. Another source of endorphins – chocolate pasta, I love it. Smear a layer of fat on bread and coffee – fantastic! Some mornings can eating a tablespoon straight from the jar until my wife sees. But try not to overeat”.