Победила страсть: Сотникова и Соколовский стали лучшими на льду

The 10th anniversary season of the project ended with an unexpected result.

Struggle in the final turned serious. Each pair, which took place in the last stage, had its advantages. The clear favourites for the points race was considered Eugene Kregzde and Povilas Vanagas, they received the highest rating of 12.0 for the previous program and kept in the lead until the 9-th stage, the one where Eugene in the last few seconds the room fell shame… the Actress even cried.

Them on the heels of a pair of Adelina Sotnikova and Alexander Sokolovsky, Yulianna Karaulova and Maxim Trankov, and followed by Tatiana Navka and Andrey burkovsky.

Navka after a single drop of her partner though, the goal is to come first, no matter what it takes. Each successive room was more difficult than another. Their duet, the audience gave a standing ovation.

Karaulova and Trankov dreamed about cherished numbers 12.0, but not always received, even despite the fact as for them in the stands rooting fans.

Победила страсть: Сотникова и Соколовский стали лучшими на льдуPhoto: Persona Stars

In this vivid and tough fight, and many did not notice that slowly, careful steps on the podium of the standings came out the young couple of the project – a 20-year-old Adelina Sotnikova and 27-year-old Alexander Sokolov.

“Whether it is in a close age, or something else, but we never had a fight in four months, we had no conflicts. Not the Adelina acted as a coach and, thank God, because for me the creation of any creative ideas should be in service and respect to each other. Art does not tolerate totalitarian moments, and “Ice age” is still not quite a sport,” said Alexander in an interview with Woman’s Day.

So, while others clashed with members of the jury and was offended on the assessment, Alex and Adeline became friends, trained hard and in the final room, devoted to Spain, showed the class that he left behind. Such a turn nobody expected.

Second place was shared Navka Borkowski and Kregzde with Vanagas, and the third went Trankovo and Karaulova.

And what is interesting. Sasha Adeline and in actual fact had all the more difficult in the project, because Sotnikova – Olympic champion in figure skating, she, unlike other Pro show, had not only to teach but also to learn.

“I never imagined that we will be the first, we just did their job and all. Still can’t believe that today was in first place with a partner! I also had to overcome yourself, to learn to do support, I’m not parnica. The body then every day was hurting, the muscles aren’t used to such a load,” said Adeline to Woman’s Day.

Победила страсть: Сотникова и Соколовский стали лучшими на льдуMr. and Mrs. Smith – one of my favorite rooms, Delimitato: Maxim Lee

Moreover, the skater believes that the main praise in their pair did not deserve she and her partner.

“I guess it’s more of Sasha’s victory, he put a lot of effort, worked, skated, worked. It is entirely to his credit. I learned to play everything from passion to romance. Happy and grateful for everything my partner,” the girl says.

By the way, the Duo couple has another remarkable detail that noticed not all the spectators. Adelina and Alexander didn’t ruin any support and never fell!

“We were the only couple in which both participants did not know how to do support, and taught them on the floor. It wasn’t easy, but we managed, didn’t get a single item, never fell, and insanely happy. Didn’t think it’s such a complicated sport. I would say that pair skating is like a crossfit on the ice of the post. Four months of shooting I lost five pounds. For me, winning this project is first and foremost a victory over myself this means that I can in a very short time to learn complex things. We have assumed that we will win, but until the last moment did not believe, because there were a lot of decent pairs. Adelina incredibly evolved as an artist, it’s all noticed. She must be herself when she looked room saw something that wasn’t supposed to. My partner – a huge well done, I am proud of her,” said Alexander in an interview with Woman’s Day.

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Recall that in the final among the pros were solid Champions, Tatiana Navka, Tatiana Totmianina, Roman Kostomarov and Maxim Marinin, Adelina Sotnikova, Povilas Vanagas, Alexei Tikhonov, Maxim Trankov, Margarita Drobiazko, Albena Denkova.

Their half – participants of the show business was a charismatic Catherine Barnabas, beauty Yulianna Karaulova and Angelica Kashirina, stars of theatre and cinema Eugene Kregzhde and Daria Moroz, who can try on any image, strong guys Alexander Sokolovsky, Andrei burkovsky, Victor Vasiliev, Mikhail Gavrilov and Anatoliy Rudenko.

It’s safe to say that this season won’t experience mentor-professional and perseverance, work and passion.