Womens backpacks in the store Sumochka5.ru

Женские рюкзаки в магазине Sumochka5.ru

Many women prefer to use for daily wear bags, and backpacks. They are much more comfortable handbags and stylish. If you are constantly on their feet and live in a big city, then the backpack will become an indispensable thing in your daily life.
Young mothers prefer to choose the classic models of backpacks with a solid back, because they are durable and roomy. They can accommodate not only the means to care for themselves, mobile phone and other personal items, but also the child’s change of clothes with a bottle for feeding. This backpack may seem cumbersome, if you fit in a lot of things. So girls prefer to choose backpacks leather small volumes. They are quite roomy and look no less stylish than the classic bags.
Shop Sumochka5.ru offers customers to choose a women’s backpack of more than 20 options. Leather backpack is perfect for daily wear and will become an indispensable accessory for any outfit.

Backpacks leather

Backpacks leather is very popular. Often you can find girls who prefer to choose backpacks, not bags. The store Sumochka5.ru presented backpacks of leather in various colors with inner lining – textiles. Each backpack has a set of these colors:

  • gray,
  • red,
  • black.

Each model has its own set of colors.
Models of women’s leather backpacks have pockets that allow you to carry small things.


Shop Sumochka5.ru offers to buy backpacks without charge or at a discount. Goods with auction price in the range indicated under the red sign of “Discount”. Discounts up to 15%, helping the girls save on purchases stylish accessory.

How to order?

Find the range of a suitable model, choose a color and check. Then click “add To cart” and continue acquainted with the catalog, or go directly to checkout. Quick purchase involves filling out questionnaires and confirmation data for the order. On the website the phone number by calling on which you can place your order.
After ordering through the site, you will contact the Manager and clarify the details.

The advantages of the online store

The online store collaborates only with reliable suppliers and guarantee the quality of products in the range. Sell the goods in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. The assortment is regularly replenished. In store you can always save by taking advantage of promotional offers.