Women say they hate in men

Женщины рассказали, что их бесит в мужчинах

Experts conducted a survey among members of the fairer sex to find out what qualities in men attract them, and which, on the contrary, repel.

To the question “why do you love men?” can not answer every woman. But to make a list that in most of these men annoying more than anything, is we easily. The staff of the training center “Seks.Russia” conducted a survey among 700 girls under 18 years of age and sexually active, and have compiled a list of factors that annoy women. Men, remember!

In appearance most women hate it when men dress up as a momma’s boy. This admitted 64% of respondents. Guess who’s in second place? Of course, individuals in the sandals on the toe. With such 58% of women would refuse to even meet. Gentlemen in tracksuits rejected by 13% of respondents and 7% of ladies hate hipsters. Yes, there are conservative creatures. The least annoying girls business style military, casual, and hippie (1%). So, guys, look through your closet.

As for the face, the beard is now at its peak. Timothy all right to sing: “you Have a beard, and I’ll tell you “Yes”. The same opinion 39% of girls. And by the way, many of them ladies Mature. Mota on a mustache, men, or rather, his beard.

Now let’s deal with the body. You’d be surprised, guys, but only 1% of women loves muscular jocks. Most prefer the classic sporting shape (50%), and 18% of women are attracted to tall and thin men. But narrow shoulders and disgusted with almost everyone, do not like women and low boys, overweight and too bony, too.

And finally, let us examine the rules of conduct. Mate women don’t like. All! To be precise – 41%. Clever, trying to Express their opinion for any reason and to teach you how to live annoy 20% of girls and vulgar – 19%. Every tenth Respondent hates talkers, but are silent also not in favor – they irritate 5% of respondents.

And what is interesting. The time of romantics left. Such interesting only 19% of ladies, and most of them (58%) would like to see next realist.

“As thousands of years ago, modern women subconsciously choose men with whom can create strong offspring and will be protected as much as possible, – says Ekaterina Lyubimova, a leading sex coach and founder of the international network “Training center SEX. Of the Russian Federation“. — The Cavaliers are not able to keep yourself in shape, girls are perceived as weak and illiquid. And Vice versa: sure, brutal men with obvious signs of masculinity remain desirable to most women. But alas, to build a strong relationship with the “alpha male” few. Having met such a man, many girls mistakenly perceive the mission of the homemakers is literally and simply sooner or later turn themselves in housekeepers. Meanwhile, leaders usually have high libido and strong dominance, and thus psychological comfort and sexual satisfaction ultimately prove to be much more important than the tasty borscht and skills to Shine to clean the apartment”.

Scents also play an important role when meeting men and women. Naturally, almost all the participants of the survey admitted that the smell of sweat does not appeal to them and even more annoying. But too much perfume is not a way out, from the heavily scented guy will turn away 19% of girls.

Women in General, as once again demonstrated by an experiment of creating capricious. If you have a bad perfume, a sharp, you also risk being blacklisted as much as 26% of respondents. But to a cigarette smoke – no complaints. 56% of the respondents were not against the bad habits of their potential suitors, and 3% for yourself and these habits of sin.

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