Women Mikhail Evdokimov regained the family fortune

Женщины Михаила Евдокимова снова обрели семейное счастье On Wednesday the famous humorist would have turned 60 years old. The life of Mikhail Evdokimov was tragically cut short in a car accident twelve years ago. As it turned out, the former civil wife of the artist found new men.
Женщины Михаила Евдокимова снова обрели семейное счастье

6 Dec humorist Mikhail Evdokimov would have celebrated its 60th anniversary. The actor tragically died on 7 August 2005. In the life of a star there were three women – the legal wife Galina, and also Hope Zhirkov and Inna Belova. Journalists contacted the former lovers dancing to learn about how their lives have developed. A couple of years ago they said they were unable to find family happiness.

As it turned out, Inna Belova, who has a son Daniil Evdokimov is on maternity leave. A year ago woman, registered relationship with the businessman, and recently gave birth to a baby. Child ina month, his name is Makar. The eldest heir Belova 13, he studied at the cadet corps. Sometimes ex-lover Evdokimova communicates with his relatives. According to ina, Daniel was warmly welcomed by her husband.

“He does not have a new Pope! Daniel took my husband as a senior counselor, a friend. Listens to him. They are friends. And dad had one – Mikhail Evdokimov. The father should always be one, in my opinion. We do not forget Misha”, – said Belov.
Женщины Михаила Евдокимова снова обрели семейное счастье

After the death of the comedian revealed that he had a second family: wife Nadezhda Zharkova and daughter Anastasia. Countrywoman Evdokimov also found a new love. Hope works in Moscow, and its successor is studying journalism.

“No, a completely different person. Both externally and internally. Both externally and internally. He attracted me with honesty, responsibility. And he is a very homely person. With age comes understanding: I want my husband were home,” he told Hope about the new chosen one.

Zharkov would not forget Evdokimov: it kept his cabin in the country house. The artist spent a lot of time to the interior design of the workplace. By order of the humorist room was decorated with wood.

At the same time, the widow of Michael Evdokimova Galina Nikolaevna, told reporters her friend, observed the doctors. The injury she sustained in the fatal accident, still makes itself felt. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Galina Nikolaevna has not found someone to replace deceased husband.

We will remind that Mikhail Evdokimov died twelve years ago. The actor was driving with his wife on the anniversary of cosmonaut Titov, accompanied by the driver and the guard. On the road between Biysk and Barnaul car crashed into a tree. The only survivor spouse Evdokimova Galina Nikolaevna.