Woman, “razluchnitsa” Victoria Dayneko husband, accusing her of slander

Женщина, «разлучившая» Викторию Дайнеко с мужем, обвиняет ее в клевете The alleged mistress Kleiman spoke to the singer. Ksenia is ready to go to court if Victoria will continue to say that she stole Dmitri. According to the former friend, BC she is happily married, so it never linked with the ex-chosen star.
Женщина, «разлучившая» Викторию Дайнеко с мужем, обвиняет ее в клевете

In September, the 30-year-old actress filed for divorce with her husband Dmitry Kleiman. Musician secretly filed, not putting Victoria in fame. Having the status of a free woman, Dayneko open up in the social network, posting a post about a friend of Xenia: “It’s a good example of what should be a real, faithful and loyal, a friend, from the word “betrayal”. Prigreet “husband”, will ensure that the former, and heartily congratulate him and ourselves on the victory. Advice Yes love”.

However, after a few hours deleted the account.

“If this continues, I’m just going to sue Victoria. She needs something to hide behind: all she ask why you got divorced. But is not she tell the truth, here lies right and left.”

Dayneko and Averyanova were friends for many years. But when the family of the singer began disorder, Ksenia took the side of Kleiman.

“After this, vetch had found his enemy, the girl says. – Decided to make me a home wrecker. Although the hint of it was not. I to Dima always treated as a younger brother. And when he began to see Vick with another of her hand, bring communication to a minimum. Instead once I call or email, she was publicly slandered me. Very unpleasant. In addition, blocked all social media. A hysterical person can shift the responsibility for events on other people, but essentially it does not change”.

Itself Ksenia happily married and she even had no idea to change her husband Rostislav.

“I have beloved husband, and there are principles about which Victoria knew, the girl says. – I would have never stepped over them. Family and daughter is the most important thing for me in life.”