Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden panettiere are planning to have another baby

Владимир Кличко и Хайден Панеттьери планируют ещё одного ребёнка

And again, the wedding will not be. Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden panettiere are so busy conceiving another child that he decided to postpone the wedding celebration until better times.
Barely cope with lingering postpartum depression and returning to the show “Nashville” actress Hayden panettiere unexpectedly quickly decided to have another child. Along with his 40-year-old fiance, Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, the actress daughter Kaya-Evdokia, born in December 2014 Both parents want their children there was a slight age difference, and because Hayden decided on a second child, despite the recent emotional problems.

Recall that panettiere even had to go to a specialized clinic to cope with postpartum depression. However, Hayden has already said telebeam that he was going to have another child, they congratulated her and promised to figure out how to hide or beat her belly to show, if it comes to that.
Wedding plans, Vladimir and his civil wife yet.
“They’re engaged for three years, but in the nearest plans of the wedding are not included. When they got engaged, the family Kaya immediately thought. this will be long because she was too young for marriage. Now Hayden wants a perfect wedding with the perfect dress, but not in a hurry. And so they live as husband and wife, a daughter and treat each other with the utmost seriousness. They like to be engaged, but because they are not in a hurry to marry before the birth of the second child,” said the insider.