Witnesses commented on the novel by brad pitt with a sultry hottie

Свидетели прокомментировали роман Брэда Питта со знойной красоткой
“Excellent Professor” felt like angelina Jolie.

Brad pitt and Neri Oxman

Photo: Social networks

Although brad pitt makes huge efforts to keep
his affair with 42-year-old Neri Oxman, whom he met last autumn, in secret, reporters managed to find
witnesses who could comment on their love story.

For starters, the reporter of Daily Mail managed
contact personal assistant Oxman, who is a Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also head of one of the
projects in the laboratory of architecture and design at the University. Assistant Neri in response to the question of whether Oxman meets with pitt, did not deny the fact of their romance. At the same time, she
assured the journalist: “When the Professor wants to make a statement to you on this
by then, I will be sure to inform you!”

Next, the reporter contacted the father Neri – Robert Oxman,
who is also an architect. He confirmed that, as far as he knows
his daughter is do not met with pitt. However, Oxman diplomatically
noticed that their relationships are “predominantly business in nature”.

According to available information, contact brad with Neri, who was born in Israel and later moved to the United States, really began with professional interest. The actor, in his spare
time fascinated by architecture and design, came to the Institute, where he works
Oxman to talk about his new project. However
arriving in Massachusetts in one day, he stayed there for a week. And
met with Neary every day, and it was often seen coming to her house. And
after that, they not only maintain daily telephone contact, but even
has managed instead to travel — flew together to South Africa.

Incidentally, when the photos Oxman appeared in
Network, fans of the actor hailing her as “a wonderful Professor”. And some decided
she resembles angelina Jolie, the divorce process which
Pitt hopes to finish soon.