Без прав! Суд отклонил жалобу Юлии Началовой
The decision about deprivation of the singer of the driving license for half a year remained unchanged.

Julia Nachalova

Today Dorogomilovskaya
Moscow court rejected the appeal of Yulia Nachalova on the decision
the world court, which half a year has deprived the singer of a driver’s license. It
occurred due to the failure of the artist to be examined

“The decision of the court
to leave without change, appeal to leave
without satisfaction” — quoted RIA Novosti the decision of the judge
Galina Talamini. Nachalova on the complaint
it was not, because, according to her lawyers were not notified
on the appointment of the judicial process properly. The defense petitioned
on the summons of a witness who was present
during the arrest of the singer with the DPS. According to the lawyer Dmitry
Kvasha, the witness can confirm that he and Nachalovo properly
not explained their rights and detained were not offered
to undergo a medical examination.

Recall that in
last December late in the night the singer was detained outfit traffic police. Supposedly the artist
behaved suspiciously on the road, and the car is driving
was Nachalova, “moved by a strange path.” Because of what Julia and was
stopped by the police. The singer on camera refused
pass medosvidetelstvovanie. She gave a waiver on all possible options
checks. Later Nachalova explained why he refused
to pass the examination of alcohol after she was stopped
employees of traffic police. According to the singer, she “became frightened of the seven men,”
crowding around her car. Since it was night, the star decided not
to take risks and not to leave the car.