Without makeup, Sati Casanova has changed beyond recognition

Без макияжа Сати Казанова изменилась до неузнаваемости
Today the singer is celebrating a birthday.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Casanova presented another surprise to his fans. Recently it became clear that very soon the singer is getting married. The chosen star became an Italian citizen by the name Stefano, Tiozzo.

Today, the day of his 34th birthday, Sati decided to show the public myself without a gram of cosmetics. And it was a shock for fans. Even in regular life singer and does not abuse make-up — puts a light tone, draws arrows and maybe tint the lashes, but this Sati real and happy to see you every day.

Casanova — the girl is very bright, so she don’t have to use cosmetics to beautify themselves. She has dark eyes, black eyebrows and eyelashes. Perfect skin is the result of self-care and proper nutrition. The singer has long refused meat, fish, eggs and seafood. However, not for beauty, not for the love of animals, but because everything brings to life the energy of fear and aggression. According to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of right living.

Once Sati on the advice of a beautician was doing Botox injections, but regretted it. Now she regularly goes to manual facial massage. “Nothing better has not yet been invented!” — sure star.

For facial Casanova enjoys cream Japanese brands, but trying to change money twice in a month to avoid habituation. And, regardless of fatigue each evening, the singer thoroughly washes away old makeup that the skin had a night to relax and look fresh again!