Without makeup and in a swimsuit: Marina Alexandrova went on vacation

Без макияжа и в купальнике: Марина Александрова уехала в отпуск
The actress resting on the sea with children.

Photo: Instagram

Marina Aleksandrova finally take care of business and was able to find time to go to the sea together with the children. “Relax, I deserve it!” — says the actress.

In the early days of star enjoyed walks, communication with children and “doing nothing” and couldn’t even bring myself to pick up the phone. But after a few days the fatigue has receded, and it was replaced by a carefree pastime. Marina even made a series of “selfie”, which usually does not allow, in contrast to many colleagues.

“No filters, no makeup, no worries for full relax! Even before selfie sunk — jokes Alexandrov. — Beach holidays loved to have children, where there is a rhythm of the day, the repetition of events, but every day with new shades and are completely dissolved in each other. Although running around cultural places do not refuse!”

Fans of Marina in her personal blog is literally “filled up,” the actress with compliments. “Beauty!”, “More photos!”, “As a girl!” — they wrote. Indeed, Alexandrova will never give her 35 years. The actress looks much younger.

The main weapon in the fight against aging Marina calls sleep. Alexandrov admits that trying to sleep “properly”: to go by day, not to stay past midnight, not lying aimlessly in bed in the morning. In addition, the artist added that he prefers to sleep with an open window, and his groupies are advised to remember one thing: the lack of sleep has any girl is much worse than neglecting newfangled beauty products.

As for sports, the actress prefers yoga. Every morning she begins with a 15-minute lesson. She admits that she does this not only for the figure, but also to Wake up, to put in order their own thoughts and charges a great mood for the whole day.

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