Без комплексов: Надежда Бабкина показала себя в натуральном виде
The artist is not afraid of criticism online.

Many domestic stars, fear of criticism, published in the Network is thoroughly processed in photoshop pictures. In the photo they should look perfect. Must be perfect everything from the skin, finishing with a lips and waist size and bust. But Nadezhda Babkina absolutely indifferent to what people think about her users of social networks. She, apparently, immune to the haters, so she boldly published a photo in its natural form.

At the may holidays Babkin, like many of her colleagues, left the borders of Russia. She went sunbathing in Greece. That’s where the picture was taken, published recently in the microblog singer. In this 68-year-old Babkina poses with his son Daniel. The couple looks perfectly happy.

At the same time, in the comments Hope you write about the fact that she was unrecognizable. Fans some time ago I noticed that the artist has drastically gained weight. Apparently, Babkina can’t stop this process. Because of the gained pounds, the singer, in the opinion of the fans has changed and facial features. “Probably takes its age! Quite stout”, “What happened?!”, “At first I thought the photo Valery Leontiev”, “Even the eyes have not seen” — criticized appearance Babkina users of social networks.